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November 22, 2010 / jasonpinto

Social Media and Pick-Up Trucks

I am not sure how you feel about second-hand furniture. But whether you would put another person’s couch in your living room or not, I’d like to see what you think of this:

Let’s say that you are in need of a piece of furniture. You have limited freedom in your budget. Imagine that you are driving along, and see a piece of furniture on the side of the road that will solve your needs. It looks to be good condition, it’s not too ugly, and best of all, there is a “FREE – Take This!” sign next to it.

Well, as bad as you may want that piece of furniture in your house, you may face this obstacle — you have no method of easily transporting it to your house.

Sure, you might have options. You could look into renting a truck that’s big enough to move it. You might look at hiring a company to move it for you.  Of course, the ideal option would be that you have a friend or neighbor with a truck that happily volunteers to help you transport it.

However, in a world where we are all seemingly busier than ever, it’s not always easy to find that kind of help from within our circle.

When it comes to business, this is how you may feel from time to time. Perhaps you wish to accomplish something that requires resources you do not have. Perhaps you envision a new application, but you do not have programmers. Or maybe you need to design a cleaner user-interface, but you do not have a graphics or UI specialist. Maybe you want to write a white paper, but you just don’t have the skills to effectively convert your thoughts into words.

Perhaps these resources could not easily be found within our circle.

Well, thanks to social media, the traditional Rolodex has been expanded. Our circle of associates can grow faster than ever before. The number of connections that we have in various areas of expertise runs further than we may even realize.

It’s natural to feel frustration when we think that we have the right ideas and dreams but we just can’t find a way to get them done. Well, one benefit of social media is that it can greatly increase the help that is available to us. Sure, we have to work to make the right connections and to prove trustworthy.

But if we do that, we may find that we have access to more than a handful of pick-up trucks to help us transport that “furniture”. We may find that have enough friends to help us pick it up and carry it home.

Photo Credit:,_Oregon.JPG

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