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November 26, 2010 / jasonpinto

24 Hours of Energy

I don’t read the sports page as much as I used to (confession: when I was in my teens, I absolutely read every word in the sports section of the Boston Globe, and I scoured papers online from Chicago, LA, New York, and other cities for sports news).

However, when I see an article about one of my favorite members of the Boston Celtics, I have to click and read. Nate Robinson is known as a high-energy guy. This quote from former teammate Jamal Crawford makes that point quite apparent:

“At 6 in the morning, he’s the same as at 6 at night,’’ Crawford said. “Seriously, he’s going around, bouncing off the walls. That’s just Nate.’’

When it comes to our business/career/job, we all have a choice. Sure, our situation may not always be peaches and roses (is that the expression?!).  If it’s less than ideal, then we may feel the need to carry around negativity and ensure that others see it.

But our attitude and actions do not have to reflect a less-than-ideal situation. We can bring positivity. We can bring energy.

We may not be able to push all situations into the “successful” category on our own, but chances are, if we bring good vibes, it may rub off on the people around us. Positive energy can contribute to a more productive environment for all involved — and if the team starts feeling better, perhaps our situation will too.

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