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December 6, 2010 / jasonpinto

Breaking Down Silos and Getting Personal

2011I recently came across the “Predictions For 2011” document from Forrester Research, Inc.

It appears that the document was released back in July, but I discovered it via a “White Paper of the Day” email from DMNews.

While I do not agree with everything in their document (for one, I do believe that more money will be invested into the mobile marketing channel), there were a few takeaways that I wanted to share:

Smart marketers will invest in technology that makes multichannel marketing possible

When it’s time to promote an event, a product, a service, etc., many businesses often rely on using a channel that they feel comfortable with. However, in today’s world, we must communicate with people on their terms, via the channels that they prefer. Of course, this requires an additional investment in time and energy. Technology can minimize that though. There are absolutely applications out there that make the building, managing, executing, and measuring of multi-channel marketing campaigns possible for organizations of all sizes.

As businesses recognize the growing need to implement a multi-channel marketing strategy, they will realize that investments in the right technology can produce successful results.

(Plug alert! I work for a company that produces multi-channel marketing software: interlinkONE)

Social media will break down organizational walls – internally and externally

The word “silo” is a 4-letter word —- a bad one! To truly communicate a unified message across multiple channels, people from all departments must be willing to freely share information.

One ingredient in the recipe for social media success involves sharing compelling , positive content about your brand — whether it’s a case study, a deal, a story about employees, etc. The only way that the world will ever know about those items at the right time is if they are shared freely internally. Barriers and misconceptions between departments must be broken down for organizations to succeed.

Advertisements will become more directed and personalized

Technology has also made it easier to create one-to-one marketing messages. Many companies have experienced positive results as they’ve done this in delivering personalized print, direct mail, and email campaigns. This will be extended to other channels.

For example, companies will invest more money into advertising on social media sites. Think about all of the details that may be known about the user in their social media profile. You will be able to utilize that information to place highly targeted ads to promote your company, whether it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social media site.


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