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December 9, 2010 / jasonpinto

Liking What’s Happening at interlinkONE

The past few weeks at interlinkONE have been very busy (I was tempted to spell “busy” with about seven Z’s and three exclamation points, but I found restraint).

Very soon, we will be releasing the latest version of our ilinkONE Version 8 marketing software. I’ve been able to have a part in some of the development and testing, and I am quite excited about some of the enhancements.

It’s been a privilege to work with employees from all of the various departments here that have been chipping in to make this latest release a reality. We still have a good amount of testing to do, and we will be working this weekend (the over/under on how many slices of pizza I will eat in the office on Saturday is currently at 5), but it is exciting to know that we’ll be able to share the results of everyone’s hard work with our customers very soon.

Before I head back to testing, I’d like to ask one small favor.

If you could take a minute to check out interlinkONE’s Facebook page, I’d appreciate it. Even better, if you feel the urge to click the ol’ “Like” button when you get there, I’d be forever thankful.


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