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December 10, 2010 / jasonpinto

Choosing our Bucket

One news story that garnered a bit of attention this week was that of Foxwoods signing a deal to sponsor the last 5 minutes of games at Madison Square Garden.

This certainly may be a risk — what if the game is a blowout, and fans hit the exits (literally or with their TV clicker) before the game reaches the last few minutes?

However, no matter how much experience we might have in marketing, I’d bet on the fact that there isn’t anyone that knows the perfect time to deliver all of their marketing messages.

For example, even if we once felt pretty comfortable on the best time to send emails, our assumptions have to change with the dramatic increase in people who are checking messages on their mobile phones. Or, as more businesses look to get the most of our their social media efforts, do they have any idea as to when they should post on their company’s Facebook page? Or when the best time is to publish a new blog post?

When it comes to the Foxwoods deal with MSG, I’m sure they may still have a couple of doubts kicking around in their gut as to whether this strategy will pay off for them. But here’s the most important thing they can do — measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

If they do that, they’ll know if they need to make adjustments. Perhaps this will mean making a change to their messaging or call-to-action… Or perhaps someday, it will mean changing the timing of when their advertisements run.

Dealing with Questions

When it comes to our business, we may have continual questions as to when we should execute our marketing efforts. How we deal with those questions can have a dramatic effect on the success of our marketing efforts. In fact, we may fall into one of these buckets:

  • Some, if they do not feel comfortable without having 100% confidence, may decide against ever launching their effort.
  • Others may hold and pause for too long of a time, and then by the time they finally say “just go for it”, they’ve missed out on a chance to have the optimal impact.
  • Many may execute a campaign “when they get to it”
  • Others will over-think it, and send out a message at the absolute wrong time
  • And then there is one more group: Those that will take some chances, but still keep in mind fundamentals… but all-the-while testing and measuring to see what works best

The Bucket We Choose To Fall Into

It’s always easier when we know the answer ahead of time, right? But in the world of marketing, we will very rarely find ourselves in that spot. The most confident among us are not immune to being surprised. Things change faster than we can anticipate sometimes.

But if we acknowledge that, it will help us to choose where we land.

Next year, which bucket will you be in?


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