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December 29, 2010 / jasonpinto

Building Buzz from the Bottom Up

Thank you to @MyNameIsJaclyn for sharing this clip with me.  (Although, because she shared a beer-related clip during work hours, it made concentrating on office-related items a bit more difficult.) I will confess to watching the BottomsUP Beer video multiple times. If I ever see this system in action at an establishment, I’m almost afraid of how excited I will become.

The company behind the product featured in the video is BottomsUP Beer. They have a clever slogan (“Pushing Draft Beer to New Heights”), and a product that changes the way that beer is typically delivered.

I don’t know how much money that company is going to make. But I do know that their YouTube videos are approaching 1.5 million views, which means that they certainly are creating awareness and buzz.

If we are looking to do the same for our company, increasing awareness and cranking up the “buzz” factor, there are a few lessons that we can take from BottomsUP Beer:

  • Online video can drive awareness about our company, products or services. It appears this video was filmed with something inexpensive — perhaps a Flip or a cell phone camera. Uploading the video to YouTube did not cost anything but time; and even for that, it’s only a matter of minutes. But there is no doubt that their investment of creating the video and sharing it with the world has absolutely resulted in a tremendous return on their investment.
  • Use Social Media Channels to Drive People to our Website: Yes, that video has brought in a lot of views. But for the company to survive, they are going to need to sell their product. People cannot buy their product via Thus, by providing a link to their website in the description of the video, they increase the chances that interested people will click to find out more.
  • Sometimes we need to dramatically change how information flows: BottomsUP Brew lists a number of benefits on their website for having a beer flow to a cup from the bottom up. This includes improved speed-of-service, reduced waste, happier customers, and more. When it comes to promoting our business, we can engage prospects and customers by sharing compelling stories. Of course, a problem for many marketers is that they are not in possession of those stories! They are not flowing to the marketing department.

    Do you have happy customers? It’s great if your customer service folks know about them. But if they keep that information to themselves, it will not help your company’s marketing efforts.

    Do your developers or engineers have a great tale regarding a new feature or enhancement that your company is providing? If a marketer does not about it, then that story may never make it out of the “pit” (the affectionate term used at interlinkONE to describe where the majority of the programmers sit).

    Yes, if we want to tell the world how our products and services can help them, stories such as those are absolutely vital. As marketers, we must find ways to get those stories and then expose them to the world. This might involve throwing company luncheons, hosting “share-a-story” meetings, or other avenues (maybe just buy doughnuts?) that will open up the lines of communication between departments.

Do you have any suggestions for how a company can build buzz and awareness? If so, please feel free to share them in the comments. In the meantime, I’m going on a hunt to find a BottomsUP Brew system in Massachusetts.


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