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December 30, 2010 / jasonpinto

One of My Favorite Discoveries: Meet-Meme

One of my favorite discoveries of 2010 has absolutely been Meet-Meme and their social trading cards.

I think that I first saw these cards at Dscoop5 in Dallas. But they really made an impact on me at Graph Expo 2010. This may sound fairly cheesy, but I will always remember receiving my first Meet-Meme cards from Jim Raffel and Jonathan Brewer at that show. A few days after I arrived home from Graph Expo, I ordered a set of my own.

As described on the Meet-Meme website, the cards are designed to help “bridge your online footprint to your offline social and business connections”. My current card provides a link to this blog, it lists my Twitter handle, and it also includes a version of my bio. I used the “Special Powers:” and “Quote:”  sections on the card to let people in on my personal life a bit — I give a shout-out to my favorite band, My Morning Jacket.

I still carry around my traditional interlinkONE business cards (which include 2 QR Codes — one for contact information and one to direct people to the web), but I’ve also been able to have success building and nurturing relationships by distributing my Meet-Meme cards.

I don’t give them out to everybody. I have passed them out when training existing customers that have used our software for a long time. (If someone has to listen to me train for more than 4 hours, giving them one of these cards is the least I can do to help keep them entertained!)

I’m also planning on using these cards more frequently at a couple of conferences that I’ll be attending and speaking at over the next couple of months.

If you haven’t heard of Meet-Meme, I’d like to absolutely encourage you to check out their site.  And if you go ahead and push the button to order your own set of social trading cards, I can guarantee you that their customer service will leave you smiling as well.


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