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January 12, 2011 / jasonpinto

Alerts that Sell, Alerts that Serve

My Toyota Corolla has a feature that tries to greatly encourage the use of seat belts. If it detects that there are more than 50 (or so) pounds in a seat, and the corresponding seat belt is not fastened, it will let out a beeping noise for at least two minutes straight.

While this may be slightly annoying on days when my passenger seat is holding groceries, it has proven to be a helpful feature.

That alert is not trying to sell me anything. It simply is there for our best interests.

Think of your customers for a second and take a look at the “alerts” that you send to them. This might be in the form of phone calls from sales reps, emails from your marketing team, or posts on your company’s social media page.

Are they all designed to sell more? Or are you providing educational content on topics that may help them grow their business? Are you sharing tools that may help them increase their productivity, but that perhaps were designed by another company?

Yes, those types of alerts may not increase our bottom line immediately. In some cases, they might never improve it. But sharing that sort of helpful content will absolutely help us to strengthen relationships with our customers.

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