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January 17, 2011 / jasonpinto

Three Marketing Lessons from the Jets Victory Over the Patriots

There are not too many smiling faces at the 21 Concord Street office in Wilmington, Massachusetts today.  Last night, the New York Jets surprised a lot of people and whooped the New England Patriots in the playoffs.

However, I don’t think my life will improve too much by talking about the fake punt or the so-close-to-an-onside-kick-recovery…. Rather, here are three lessons I learned from the game that apply to marketing:

1) The Importance of the Plan

Throughout the entire game, the Jets’ defense pretty much confused and shut down the Patriots. The majority of the credit for that deserves to go those that developed the game plan. One of the Jets veterans, Trevor Pryce, referred to it as “unbelievable game plan”.

Sure, it was the players that executed… but their actions were all driven by the plan.

When it comes to the marketing efforts for our company, are we truly devoting enough care and attention to developing a proper plan? Or are we tempted to jump in and start things without knowing where we are headed?

2) The Team Beats One

Leading up to the game, nearly every Patriots fan and media pundit said that the Patriots would win because Tom Brady was a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez. Well, last night the Jets proved something very important — the Patriots might have more talent at the QB position, but overall, the Jets had the better team.

In many organizations, marketing is handled by a specific individual or department. They might be assigned to create and deliver content that will give people a positive impression of the company.

However, the actions of nearly every department inside an organization has an effect on a company’s marketing efforts. This includes how a customer service rep treats a client on the phone, to the way the accounting team sends out an invoice, or to the way our CEO speaks to the press during an interview. Those interactions also play a role in how people view our company.

If we truly want people to see our brand in a positive light, we must put forth efforts to ensure that everyone is on board with the impression that we want to make. By educating and empowering each employee to serve customers and prospects, we will absolutely increase the strength of our business.

3) Walking the Walk

From the coach to the players, nearly everyone on the Jets had something to say in the days leading up to the game. Some of their remarks were designed to disrespect players on the Patriots. But nearly all of the remarks were uttered because the Jets were confident that they would win.

Yes, they talked. But when it absolutely counted, they walked the walk as well.

As marketers, we have a lot of opportunities to say what we want to accomplish. This might be during meetings, or following conferences or webinars that we attend. We may even be prolific in spouting off what other marketers should be doing in our books, blogs, and newsletters.

But in the end, are we also walking the walk? Are we following the suggestions that we encourage others to follow? Are we putting into practice the things we read or hear in books, at conferences, or in other media?

Marching On

Those three items certainly are not new, buzz-worthy, or groundbreaking. But hopefully they are reminders of fundamentals that can improve the success of our marketing efforts.

Oh, one more thing. I was rooting for the Patriots last night. But they stunk up the joint and are going home. For the rest of the NFL playoffs, I’m officially on the Jets bandwagon.


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  1. Tim Rueb / Jan 17 2011 2:02 pm

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    One of my friends from the Boston area put up on his facebook status:

    “The Jets defense was lucky to outplay the Pats offense. The Jet offense was lucky to outplay the Pats defense. The Jets special teams were lucky to outplay the Pats also. And as he thought about it … The Jets were lucky to out-coach the Pats coaches as well”

    That summed it up for him.

    Go Packers!

  2. jasonpinto / Jan 17 2011 2:07 pm

    Thanks very much for leaving that comment!
    I’ve heard a few other people say that Jets got “lucky” too, but I honestly think they were just flat-out better than the Pats.

    I’m sure you’ll like this — most of the employees here at interlinkONE are all on the Packers bandwagon the rest of the way.

    Thanks again,

    • Tim Rueb / Jan 17 2011 3:04 pm


      Your company has obviously done well in hiring ‘most of the employees’. 8)

      Have a good one.

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