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January 18, 2011 / jasonpinto

Are You Selling To Everybody?

I don’t know how you are going to feel about this, but I think that this advertisement from Planet Fitness is funny. Now, I do have some friends who spend a lot of time bodybuilding… They might not laugh that hard (their reaction might be similar to this post).

But, Planet Fitness has made a statement with this ad: Our gym is not for everybody. We are selling to a specific type of person.

For the record, I do not go to Planet Fitness. [If you’ve ever seen my picture, it’s quite obvious that I go to a gym that has dumbbells that exceed 80 pounds :-)] But when it comes to the worlds of marketing and advertising, I think their approach could at least provoke businesses to analyze their strategy.

No matter who we think our product or service is perfect for (from “every person in the whole world”, or specific industries), we should analyze if all of our marketing efforts could be classified as spray-and-pray. Are we delivering the same exact message to everyone on our list?

The message that Planet Fitness is delivering excludes a specific group. We may not need to take that exact approach.

But to truly appeal to each person in our audience, we may benefit by analyzing and segmenting our data, creating an appropriate message that will appeal to each group, and then measuring to see what works best.

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