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January 21, 2011 / jasonpinto

The Iron is Hot. You Can Touch It.

In order to get the creative juices flowing before a marketing meeting, we occasionally try this little exercise at interlinkONE:

  • We set a seemingly unreachable goal (find a way to promote our product to 50 million people by tomorrow)
  • Then, we brainstorm ways that we could make that happen if we had an unlimited budget and every possible connection in the world

For example, we might say — “let’s call up our good buddy Matt Lauer, and ask him to do a segment on QR Codes and QReate & Track and tomorrow morning”.

Imagine for a second, though,  that something like this came true. Your company was featured and praised by mainstream media.  Would you be ready to take advantage of that opportunity?

Below is a picture of an email that I received from the band April Smith and the Great Picture Show:

Email from April Smith and the Great Picture Show

Email from April Smith and the Great Picture Show

Yes, they sent out this email the day after something very big happened to their band — one of their songs was featured on American Idol.

They sent an email to their list that accomplished three things:

  • Expressed excitement over their big moment
  • Invited their fans to share that moment with friends
  • Pointed people to an incredible sale price for their album

Even if your product or service is never featured by “mainstream” media, there are plenty of big opportunities and moments that may occur for your business. You are probably working on creating one of those moments right now.

But don’t stop there — make sure that when the iron starts burning, you’re ready to grab it and put it to full use.

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