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January 26, 2011 / jasonpinto

Thoughts From the Signage and Graphics Summit

I am here in Tampa at the Signage and Graphics Summit!

I had the opportunity to speak on the subject of “Understanding QR Codes” earlier today. I just want to give a quick thank you to the conference organizers for inviting me, and for everyone that attended and participated in my presentation.

(The presentation was recorded on a Flip. It’s being uploaded right now… at the rate it’s going, it will be up later tonight)

This is officially day 1 of the conference… here are a few takeaways that you may enjoy as well:

  • Expansion into providing solutions that include print: I’ve talked to a great number of printers that have adjusted their organizations to get a bigger part of the pie when it comes to the solutions their customers need. Sure, print may be in their blood, and what they’ve done for a long time. But many of the companies here have expanded to help their clients with the web content, interactive design, and more.
  • Eric Qualman is a tough act to follow: Eric is the man behind the Social Media Revolution videos. He is also a great speaker. He opened up this morning’s session with a number of videos and stories that had the audience fully engaged. Here were some points that he made that stood out to me:
    • All companies should be creating online video. It’s easy to do, it helps your search engine results, and it allows for people to engage with your brand in a very popular channel.
    • Videos should be brief! (Eric used to recommend less than 5 minutes; now he says 2)
    • Listening is of the utmost importance.
    • There are opportunities out there for printers to get business from the content that is being put on social media.
  • You can learn a lot at the office, but meeting people face to face still packs a powerful impact: Over the past couple of years, we’ve tried to help a lot of printers and marketers understand QR Codes, social media, mobile media, and other forms of multi-channel marketing. They often share their questions and challenges with us. Well, every time I come to a conference like this, that interaction is amplified. I greatly enjoy hearing their questions, and I absolutely love when I’m able to offer some kind of assistance at that exact moment.
  • Say Hi to the Person Sitting Next To You: I’m not saying that I’m a super-shy person, but sometimes I feel a little intimidated when I’m by myself at a conference. However, everyone here has been extremely kind and helpful. Also, I’ve seen folks that I’ve met in the past from shows such as Dscoop and the Franchise Services‘ convention. The print world truly is a community filled with people who truly care about each other, and that wants to find ways to help their industry thrive.

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