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January 27, 2011 / jasonpinto

Why the Year 2020 is Here Right Now

The last session of the day at the Signage and Graphics Summit yesterday was an interactive presentation on the topic of innovation. It was put on by the folks from FESPA.

They split the room up into about 6 teams. Each team was responsible for answering this question: “If you were going to start a business in the year 2020, what would it be?” They also had to provide details on their value propositions, what types of partners they would seek to have, and why customers would like them.

As each team shared their proposal,  I jotted down the details as to why each team thought their new company in 2020 would thrive:

  • One company would collect purchase data from their customers, and use that data to personalize all of the materials that they send to them in the future
  • One company would spend a lot of time educating their customers
  • They would provide personalized service to customers that visit their site online
  • It would be extremely easy to do business with them
  • They would seek to reach out to their prospects in multiple channels and appeal to multiple senses
  • They would seek feedback from customers often, and find ways to quickly respond
  • They would have excellent talent on their staff

There were a couple of other points listed that could only happen with advancements in technology in the next few years. However, nearly every one of the points listed above can be accomplished now!

Yes, it’s fun to dream about what we could do better in the future. But companies need to succeed now.

Look to the future for inspiration, but start working on accomplishing those items today.


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