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February 1, 2011 / jasonpinto

Senses and Channels

Another day, another snowstorm. This winter will surely be one that we tell our grandkids about (of course, we’ll be showing them proof via our Facebook photo albums and QR Code tattoos).

Despite my intentions to not be a “scared-y-cat” driver in the snow anymore, I still am. When the snow and driving conditions are bad, I often will drive with my windows rolled all the way down.  Sure, I freeze my butt off. But I feel a bit safer when I can hear how the tires sound on the road, as well as whether the snow hitting my windshield is turning into ice.

Yes, I’m trying to use as many senses as possible to get through my journey.

The same principle can apply to our marketing efforts.  If we are asking prospects to commit a reasonable amount of money or resources to acquire our product or service, they certainly may go through a journey of “should I’s”, “what if’s”, and other questions that may task them emotionally.

As marketers, we certainly need to provide valuable answers and insight to people at those times.

But we should provide that information through multiple channels.

If we are asking people to make a sizeable investment, they need to clearly see, hear, and feel the benefits they’ll receive. Sure, maybe they’ll enjoy growing close to our company on Twitter. But they may also need to hold a piece of printed material in their hand that talks about our product or service. They may need to receive an email or text message alert that provides the right incentive at the right time to push them into the “customer” camp. 

Yes, multi-channel marketing campaigns can add weight to our message; they can enable prospects to interact with us in the way that they prefer; and, they enable both parties to share and engage useful information as they head down a journey that is sometimes nerve wracking.

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