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February 2, 2011 / jasonpinto

Who Is Singing Our Company’s Song?


I have a weakness for cover songs.

Sure, there are some bands that seek to completely overhaul a classic but end up with a classic mess. However, when done right, bands can shine by giving a new voice to someone’s else song.

Along with finding enjoyment in cover tunes, I also experience this side benefit: once I hear certain songs sung by a different voice, I can actually understand the words!

Two of my favorite bands are My Morning Jacket and the Rolling Stones. However, no matter how much love I have for them, there are a few songs where I truly only understand half of  their lyrics (in some cases, “half” is too high of an estimate).

In some cases, it’s not until I hear a band cover a song that I actually can pick up what Jim James was crooning about, or what Mick Jagger was yelping.

The same thing can be true in business. Yes, every company wants to have a corporate voice which clearly states their mission, how they intend on treating customers, etc. But if that message is only being delivered by one person in our company, than its impact may be diluted.

Empower your employees. Make sure that they understand what your company stands for, and then trust them to “get on stage” and deliver that message.

You never know which prospect in your audience will finally understand what your company has been trying to say.


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