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February 11, 2011 / jasonpinto

Tips from a Passionate Service Provider

Passionate Voices

I had the chance to listen to the Printing Impressions webinar this week on “Doing it Right: Multi-Channel Communications“. It rocked. I thought that Barb Pellow shared some timely content at the beginning, and then the service providers truly shared compelling content about how they’ve transitioned their businesses to offer multi-channel communications.

(Full disclosure: Universal Millenium and Bopi were two of the presenters and are customers of interlinkONE)

Paul Macfarlane of Bopi shared case studies that should cause excitement in any printer that is looking to grow their business. He provided hard numbers on how he’s helped two of his clients improve their marketing efforts and then, in turn, how that’s resulted in more business for Bopi.

Paul was asked to share advice for other service providers that are trying to succeed when the worlds of marketing and communications are changing. As fast as I could, I jotted down his answers. He answered the question passionately & honestly, and provided some valuable advice. Here they are:

Paul’s Tips to Thrive in a Time of Transition

  • Having a positive attitude is crucial.
  • You must sell the reality of the “need to change” to your employees.
  • Understand that not every salesperson will make the transition successfully (i.e. from selling commodities to selling solutions).
  • The push has to come from up top. Employees will pick up on management’s cues.
  • Encourage chaos! Embrace it! Transition will cause chaos, but working through it will make you stronger.
  • Even if things don’t go good at first, stay focused.
  • Find a vendor that will help support your team.
  • Promote yourself using the technology that you’re selling.
  • Question everything… Become a cavalier. Develop some swagger, and get your groove on.
  • Do your homework! Learn as much about your prospects as you can. Download their annual report and devour it over the weekend. You will learn their pain points and that will help you identify the right solutions to offer them.

If I missed anything, I send my apologies to Paul! But I’m quite thankful that I was able to capture the list above.

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