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February 17, 2011 / jasonpinto

Delivering Extraordinary Experiences

Prior to yesterday, I was under the impression that the only time you should clap, hoot, & holler when your flight lands is when you are arriving in Vegas (of if your pilot is Sully).

But those “rules” were broken yesterday. At the end of a very smooth flight to Orlando, the passengers on my plane erupted in cheer and celebration.

Yes, some people were quite excited to be on vacation. But even folks that were headed to work (perhaps to Dscoop6?) all seemed to be in extremely good moods.

Do you want to know why?

Well, the crew that ran our Southwest Airlines flight were flat-out extraordinary. From the moment that I walked on to the plane, it just felt different. They made me (and everyone else) feel special. Throughout every action that they took — the safety announcements, handing out snacks, taking and delivering drink orders — there was charm and sincerity.

Yes, it did not matter that they weren’t taking us to Vegas, or that their pilot was not famous. They were determined to deliver a very special experience to their customers, and they absolutely did that.

Take a moment to look at your daily routine at work. Do some of your interactions with customers and prospects seem pedestrian? If so, that is certainly not going to put anyone in a good mood.

But if we are determined to find ways to turn every interaction into a positive experience, then smiles, clapping, and overall happiness may be the result.


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