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February 24, 2011 / jasonpinto

This List Needs to Be Printed

GenJuice recently published their Top 100 Most Desirable Mentors list.

There are people from all different backgrounds that are accomplishing all kinds of great things. There is plenty of inspiration to be found by reading about the people in this list.

I’ve spent a decent amount of time scrolling through it online since it has been released (it shows 10 at a time).

But then it hit me — this list needs to be printed! It needs to be a turned into a book.

If this list only stays online, it may not realize its potential impact. The chances of being distracted by something else on the web is very real.

If this list were converted into a book, its impact would last longer and it would run deeper.

How a Hardcopy Edition Would Help

I’m not talking about anything too fancy. Perhaps each page would feature 2 people from the list. You would show their picture, their name, and the blurb about what they do.

Then, you would have a QR Code next to each person (For those without smartphones to scan the codes, there would be a short, personalized URL that people could type in). The QR Code would direct people to a profile page for each person. The page would provide more information on them and  share links to their website, blog, Twitter page, Facebook page,  YouTube, etc…  It would make it easy for the people to learn more about them now and to follow them going forward.

Just an example.. how the QR Code could point to a mobile-optimized profile page of each person on the list

Just an example.. how the QR Code could point to a mobile-optimized profile page of each person on the list

In this scenario, I think that integrating print, mobile, and the web could truly give this list the reach and impact that it deserves.

Can we make it happen?



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  1. Kevin Keane / Feb 24 2011 10:50 am

    Hi Jason, what a wonderful post. Your intuition about the need for this great resource to be converted into the more permanent and portable utility of a book, yet including cutting edge tools like QR codes, is inspired. As you know, my mantra is that “Print is a Powerful Partner in the Media Mixology” it is not the only communications channel, nor perhaps it is a primary choice in some circumstances, but it can be a powerful partner as a foundational platform for other media to riff from and to spring from. Thank you for seeing the ways in which the new can meld with the traditional and make something greater than the sum of its parts!

  2. jasonpinto / Feb 24 2011 11:06 am

    Kevin, thank you so much for leaving this comment. I greatly appreciate it.

    The entire print industry benefits from your mantra, your passion, and the valuable information that you share on a daily basis.

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