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March 4, 2011 / jasonpinto

The Camera That Makes You Look Good, Always


This article in Reuters absolutely caught my attention. The headline that did the trick? “Camera prettifies subjects, even adds ‘makeup’“.

Yes, Panasonic has recently released a camera that can do more than just capture a moment. It has features that can:

  • whiten your teeth
  • increase the translucency of your skin
  • remove dark eye circles
  • make your face look smaller
  • magnify the size of your eyes

After seeing pictures of myself from the end of the Dscoop 6 conference (which closely followed two other conferences in February), I will absolutely try to buy this camera before my next work trip! Standing in a booth for 5 hours, catching up on emails before & after, and then entertaining prospects and customers at night is fun, but it may not be the best thing for our bodies (internally or externally).

Beautifying Your Marketing Efforts

When it comes to all you do in your marketing efforts, do you have one of these “cameras”?

Now, I am fully behind “keeping it real”. But at the same time, if we are responsible for promoting our company, money is involved. We need people to buy our products or services to stay in business.

This means that our content must aim for awesome, and be compelling.

Who You May Need in Your “Make Me Look Good” Marketing Camera

  • An editor can help us trim the fat off our long-winded sentences, and avoid obvious mistakes in our grammar.
  • Someone with a knack for taking great photos could help make our products or profile pictures look powerful and honest.
  • A manager with a great memory could help remind us that there is more than one subject that we could write about daily.
  • A person that enjoys YouTube could remind us that the employee profile video we just recorded looks like a hostage tape.

Those are just a few ideas on the types of people that could truly help ensure that our marketing efforts are as good as possible. Perhaps you have someone else in your life that helps you with your content. Maybe you could share that in the comments.

Until then, I’m off to ponder whether I should post this without letting my editor take a peek šŸ™‚


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