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March 8, 2011 / jasonpinto

The Build

Seth B. Minkin has a very cool job. He also has a ridiculous amount of talent.

As a painter, he has the opportunity to truly impress people with his finished works of art.

However, in a recent newsletter, he did something that absolutely impressed me: he exposed to us how his work looked before it was completed (GASP)! In fact, he provided the reader a glimpse into how his product progressed through each stage:

Seth Minkin: Early Stage Picture

Seth Minkin: Mid Stage Picture

Seth Minkin: Fiinished Picture

This type of approach can enable companies to humanize their brand. In fact, more than that it really can humanize your product.

Social Media has proven to be a channel that enables businesses of all sizes to connect with more customers and prospects than ever before. It also enables them to develop deeper relationships with people.

However, it is only the channel. We must be willing to create and share the useful content. We must be willing to expose ourselves even when our “product” is not yet perfect.


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  1. Kevin Keane / Mar 8 2011 9:49 am

    Jason, you are such a wise man, thank you again for a great bit of bloggery. In my own orbit: the law and the graphic arts, I have found that people are indeed fearful of exposing themselves, or perhaps more politically correct — exposing their true thoughts or feelings. But that is what makes them human! So what it to lose? Some sorehead tells the world you are a dumbkopf? So what? if you speak the truth as you perceive it, it is far more likely you will receive support than dissing. Artists build their creations, lawyers like to sharpen their arguments. Perfection on the first try doesn’t happen very often if at all. But the key is in the trying!

    • jasonpinto / Mar 9 2011 9:55 am

      Kevin, thank you so much for leaving this comment.
      I absolutely loved this line: “if you speak the truth as you perceive it, it is far more likely you will receive support than dissing”.

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