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March 17, 2011 / jasonpinto

How To Humanize News About Events and Speaking Engagements

If you are responsible for updating your company’s website, blog, or eNewsletter with fresh content, you may occasionally post news about company-related events.

For example, you may publish a post about a speaking engagement (when, where, and what attendees will learn), or about what your company plans to show off at a trade show booth.

In those cases, we may be tempted to post the news in a very formal fashion (just the facts!).

However, here’s an example of how you could share this type of news but also humanize your brand at the same time. The following picture is from a post by The Brand Builder, Oliver Blanchard:

The Brand Builder: Awesome Example of Sharing News about An Event

The Brand Builder: Awesome Example of Sharing News about An Event

This post accomplished multiple things. It certainly alerted people about his speaking engagement. But it did more than that.

Let’s say that there is absolutely no chance that you could be in Europe to see him speak. Well, if this was a formal email with just the facts(!!!), you would probably delete & discard it from your brain as soon as possible. However, because he used a friendly and humorous tone to deliver the news, all readers could react favorably to it.

The Brand Builder is the man. I think that he dished out a giant dose of “how to promote your speaking engagements and events” properly with his post.

I’d encourage you to check out his blog, to follow him on Twitter, and to check out his new book.


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  1. Kevin Keane / Mar 17 2011 11:02 am

    superb example Jason, thank you for it and for amplifying upon it so edifyingly 🙂 You are spot on, as per usual! Since you have more than a few clients in the global graphic arts (printing & publishing)they may also like to know that Brussels is home to Print Power a wonderful resource website for promoting the many attributes of print.

    As you know from an e-mail I sent you, an audience of mine gave me the sobriquet of “The Gallagher of the Printing Industry” vis a vis my speaking style. Anyone who recalls that wild and crazy comic with his wooden mallets and smashed watermelons has a much more evocative means to remember me or be intrigued by a speech, so the tips you shared today are very helpful to my own thinking.

    Press On my friend!

    • jasonpinto / Mar 18 2011 8:34 am

      Kevin, thank you very much for the tip on Print Power! I’m checking out that site right now.

      Alright, between your email and this comment, it is official: I cannot wait to see you deliver a presentation! That needs to happen soon.

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