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March 24, 2011 / jasonpinto

How C.C. and Ann Ruled My World

It took me far too long to get to it, but I finally read “Content Rules“. The book, written by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman, absolutely rocks.

But… It Might Steal Your Weekend

Thanks to the style of their writing and the quality of their advice, there is momentum throughout the pages that makes this book tough to put down. In fact, I will admit this — while reading it on a recent Saturday night, I felt a nearly overwhelming urge to get to the office and implement a few of the things that I was learning.

(That’s kind of brutal, I know!)

Their tone is friendly (heck, I only used their First Names in the title of this post :-)), but their points are firm and clear — to stand out from your competition and  to truly engage prospects and customers, you must have compelling content.

Here is another thing that I loved — their advice truly hits home, no matter what your situation is today. For example, they profiled companies that might have marketing budgets  exceeding yours by tens of millions of dollars. However, the “Ideas You Can Steal” paragraphs  at the end of each case study can be easily applied by businesses of any size.

How it Helped Me

Here were a few of my favorite takeaways from Content Rules:

  • Always be looking for ways to re-purpose your content! (Did your VP of sales just deliver a presentation at a conference? If so, post video clips on YouTube, convert the content into 3 different blog posts, post the audio as a podcast, modify the slides a bit and invite people to see them via a webinar, and more)
  • Eliminate overused buzzwords and talk like a human
  • Create a strategy and plan for producing content
  • Focus on your audience! What can you share that will help them today?

Time for Action and a Thank You

These were just a few of the points that ended up in the Notes application of my iPhone while I was reading. I’m proud to say that I’ve already made some changes in interlinkONE‘s marketing efforts based on what I learned from this book (and there’s still more on my to-do list!).

Thank you to Ann and C.C. for being so generous with your knowledge. I owe you, big-time!



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  1. Tim Rueb / Mar 24 2011 6:53 pm

    Great thoughts. I listened to the authors of “Content Rules” being interviewed on Duct Tape Marketing’s podcast and thought they had some really great points. This book is on my reading list (too bad its very long right now). I look forward to getting my copy.

    The items I gleaned from the interview can be found at:

    You 2.0 The Storymaker

    Good Hunting!

    • jasonpinto / Mar 25 2011 11:49 am

      Tim, thank you very much for the comment, and for posting a link to your article. It was excellent. Here was one of my favorite lines: “Decide now what you want written about your life”.

      Thank you for the motivation!

  2. C.C. Chapman / Mar 25 2011 9:39 am

    Well hot damn, you made my morning!

    I love that you loved the book so much and you highlighted some of our favorite things. We tried to really balance out our examples so anyone could leave the book with ideas that they could actually start using and our “Ideas You Can Steal” was set up exactly for the reasons you enjoyed them.

    You can call me by my first name anytime 🙂

    • jasonpinto / Mar 25 2011 11:51 am

      C.C., my man!
      I honestly will say that I am honored that you checked out this post and left a comment.
      And the fact that you enjoyed my review just absolutely made my Friday.

      Thanks again for all of the knowledge that you share. I greatly appreciate it.


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