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April 4, 2011 / jasonpinto

Knowing Where Our Bridge Begins

Bridge -- knowing where we start and where we want to end up

Thanks to a well-timed tweet, I tuned in to C.C. Chapman’s Digital Dads TV for the first time ever today. I was able to catch about 30 minutes of the episode — and I was entertained and impressed during each one.

One of the segments featured an interview with Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear). While talking about how she helps her clients with their business and marketing efforts, she used the very apt illustration of building a bridge.

Bridges and Your Business

When we are about to embark on revitalizing our marketing efforts, it is often easy to see where we want our business go (i.e. setting goals for # of leads, # of customers, # of mentions, etc.).

But Tamsen brought up a point on why many companies run into trouble — they fail to acknowledge where they are truly starting from.

For example, companies that are about to hop onboard the “let’s-use-social-media-to-find-success” bridge will do well by asking themselves these questions first:

  • How will I create content to share with others?
  • How will I find content that my audience cares about?
  • How will I find time each day to truly engage on social media?
  • How will I find my customers and prospects on these channels?

Answers to these questions (and others) will help us to see where we are truly starting from. Once we know that, we can make better decisions as to how we are going to build and cross that bridge successfully.

Do we need to hire and bring a writer along with us? Do we need to acquire and carry a tool that will help us listen and measure our success?

Now, I certainly am a person/worker who enjoys the thrill of learning on-the-go… of finding new and exciting ways to get things done more efficiently and effectively. I do not believe that you need to have a through answer to every question before you embark on a journey (that sounds a bit boring, too… doesn’t it?).

However, success in building and crossing bridges clearly will come from two things — knowing where we want to end up as well as knowing where we are starting from.

When it comes to determining your starting point, how honest are you being with yourself?

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  1. Kevin Keane / Apr 4 2011 3:57 pm

    Great post Jason

    Thank you!

    As someone who knd of fell into the SocNet brave new world, (or if I am honest about it, I did the ole, Fire, Ready, Aim approach 😉 you make some very astute comments, as per usual. You rock young man!

    If any of your readers are in the printing/publishing industries, they are more than welcome to check out my association’s Facebook Group page to check my content curating 🙂 Search for,
    “IAPHC, The Graphic Professionals Resource Network”. Cheerio!

  2. jasonpinto / Apr 4 2011 5:07 pm

    Thank you Kevin!

    And I will absolutely “co-sign” your suggestion… For information on printing & publishing the Facebook group “IAPHC, The Graphic Professionals Resource Network” is absolutely a place that you want to check out.

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