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April 19, 2011 / jasonpinto

Postagram: Creating Print Business Thanks to Smartphones

Postagram - Convert mobile phone pictures into printed postcards

Postagram and I have only been acquainted for a short time, but I am already head-over-heels… as in, if I had the address for their corporate headquarters, a dozen roses would be headed its way.

From My Phone to the Printed Page

One of the best applications that I have on my iPhone is Instagram.  Over the past few months, it has helped to transform the photos that I’ve taken with my phone (and my very limited photography skills) into pictures that I absolutely want to share.

Up until recently though, I was only sharing those pictures in two ways:

  • Showing them to people on my phone
  • Providing links via Twitter and Facebook so that people could see them online

These options were good, but one thing was missing — I did not have the ability to easily share these pictures as tangible items.

Well, along came Postagram to fill that hole!

How Does Postagram Work

They pretty much say it all on their website — they allow you to turn your phone’s photos “into reality”.

Basically, their application allows you to do the following:

  • Choose which Instagram photo you want to convert into a printed postcard
  • Enter/Select the person that you want to send the postcard to
  • Type in a brief message
  • Pay for the postcard

And that’s it. Postagram is very easy to use. (Maybe too easy. My credit card ran up a quite a few transactions this morning as I ordered postcards for nearly every friend and family member that I have… even the ones I don’t like :-))

Social + Mobile = Print

People will continue to use their mobile phones and social media channels to create and share content. In fact, they will continue to increase their usage of those devices and channels!

But as Postagram is quickly demonstrating, that does not have to be a bad thing for the print business.

We simply to create opportunities for people to easily move that content onto the printed page.


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