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April 26, 2011 / jasonpinto

One Thousand Words in a Glance

This may shock you — but when I was just a young lad, I occasionally did things that made my parents very angry. While there certainly were times when discipline would come in the form of one heck of a spirited lecture, more often than not my mother would express her displeasure by simply giving me the look.

She did not need to say anything. From the look, I could discern:

  • The fact that she was unhappy
  • Exactly why she was not pleased with me
  • What I needed to stop doing to quickly make things better!

Yes, the look packed quite a story.

Business and The Look

Think about the key messages that you want to get across when it comes to your company, products, and services for a moment.

Can you spread those messages with just a look?

Now, I’m certainly not encouraging your sales reps to adopt the Zoolander pose at their next trade show or meeting with a prospect.

However, we may want to take some time to consider how wordy our current sales pitch and marketing collateral might be. Do we truly need to use an industry buzzword in every other sentence? Do we need to share (excitedly, I’m sure!) every new adjective that we’ve heard recently to describe the benefits our company can offer?

Or, can we find ways to simplify our key messages?

We may find that we can express those messages far more easily — through words, videos, podcasts, and other channels — if we do so. A simplified message can be spread by more employees and to more people than ever before.

Of course, I’m not encouraging business to “dumb down” their message. Rather, find a way to tell people exactly what they need to know. Tell them the honest-to-goodness, compelling truth.

If we do that, we may find that our company’s “look” starts to tell a bigger and better story than ever before.

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