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May 18, 2011 / jasonpinto

Surveys With a Purpose

About a month ago, I wrote about one my favorite new discoveries – Postagram. In case you’re not yet familiar, Postagram is an app that allows you to choose a picture from your smartphone and then generate & send a postcard to someone.

However, no matter how great an application may be, it is still competing with the 47,203 other distractions that fly by me on a daily basis. Thus, while I initially used Postagram multiple times a day over the first week, my usage has decreased dramatically since then. That is unfortunate.

However, along came this wonderful email and survey in my inbox from Postagram the other day (I’m not exactly sure why, but I blocked out the survey URL):

Postagram Survey Email

Weekly, I receive quite a few survey-related emails that seek my feedback on products and services that I like. I do consider taking action on nearly all of them… but for the most part, I do not take the time to follow through. But due to the personable nature of this email, I absolutely felt the need to click-through.

Their survey was spot-on as well. (I should have taken a screenshot yesterday. I apologize for that!) I thought they did the following things well:

  • They did not ask too many questions — but they asked enough to collect feedback on a wide variety of topics.
  • They used a personable tone in their questions and answers.
  • They helped emphasize additional ways that Postagram can be used — as a sales tool, rather than just for personal use.

That formula not only caused me to fill out all of the survey questions, but it also helped to put using the application higher on my priority list.

Getting More Out of Surveys

There are many software applications that make it possible for companies to generate and distribute surveys within a matter of minutes.

However, easy-to-use technology does not mean that you should reduce the amount of time you devote to the strategy and planning sessions around the effort.

Do you want your survey to get noticed? Do you want people to reply?  Do you want feedback that will truly satisfy both your customer and your company? Do you want your product or service to move to the front of someone’s mind?

If so, I think that Postagram set one heck of a good example here.


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