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May 19, 2011 / jasonpinto

Marketing Lessons from @MrRobbo

There’s been a stream of marketing inspiration coming my way from a somewhat unexpected source on Twitter recently. No, the folks delivering it are not CMOs, social media consultants, or Marketing Managers.

Rather, this inspiration is coming from a teacher. Meet @MrRobbo.

I do not want to steal too much thunder from his story, so I would encourage you to check out his blog to find out exactly what he does.

But some of his recent Twitter activity sets an example for anyone that’s wondering “what should I tweet today?”. Check out the following snapshot of a few of his recent posts:

Yes, he has turned the focus of these tweets onto other people. People that he truly cares about. In this case, it’s his students.

Companies of all shapes and sizes can absolutely learn from his example. Twitter can be a great way to promote your brand. But is that all you are going to do? Are you passionate about anything else? For example, are you passionate about what your customers are accomplishing? Are you excited about an employee’s personal goals or achievements?

If so, use your pulpit to direct attention their way.

No, those tweets will not necessarily drive up stats on your website or blog. But in the game of goodwill, you’ll absolutely be up on the leader-board.


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