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August 3, 2011 / jasonpinto

Smartphones, Bamboo, and Your Marketing Efforts

Bamboo --- Growing almost as fast as smartphone ownership :-)

Canalys recently published its worldwide Q2 2011 smart phone market estimates and the results are impressive… although maybe not surprising.

Across the world, the smartphone market grew 73% year-on-year. More than 107.7 million units were shipped in the second quarter of 2011.

There are a number of other great statistics in the report that breakdown sales by device.

While it’s easy to find these smartphone statistics and get excited about them, it is truly just as important for companies to take appropriate action. With more and more of the population joining the ranks of smartphone owners, here are three things that most companies should be doing today:

Create a Mobile Website

A smartphone makes it easy for people to do a lot of things that they typically did on other devices… and that includes searching and browsing the web.

Thus, your company will want to invest time and resources into creating a mobile website as soon as possible. (P.S. Need one? interlinkONE’s iFlyMobi product may be able to help.)

This will involve some technical decisions as well as discussions on what content and features should be included.

Incorporate QR Codes onto your Printed Materials

Print still has the ability to play an important role in creating awareness and demand for a company’s products and services.

By adding QR Codes to those materials, companies can take advantage of the emotion and interest that a printed piece might stir up in a smartphone owner.

Start Building a Mobile Database

Yes, it’s true that people do not need smartphones to receive text-messages from your company. But I do believe that people with smartphones are more apt to receive push notifications (whether through an app or via SMS) more than someone that has a traditional feature phone.

Thus, start running campaigns that will collect important mobile phone-related details from your customers and prospects today, so that you can reach them through other methods in the future.

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