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August 16, 2011 / jasonpinto

Three Ways to Incorporate QR Codes into Fulfillment


Yes, there have been plenty of examples where marketers have put QR Codes on their materials simply because they could. But there also have been a great number of applications of QR Codes that truly provided value to a customer or prospect, and in return, to the company as well.

Those applications often include features that make it easier for the customer to accomplish a task.

Here are three ways that companies could incorporate QR Codes into their fulfillment process to make life easier for their customers:

QR Codes that Point to How-To Guides and Instructions

Unfortunately for my wife, I am not too handy when it comes to using tools and assembling “things”. This includes putting together tables, desks, chairs, etc. But here’s one thing that I am good at — scanning QR Codes and watching videos on my phone.

Thus, one way that companies could reach the emerging mobile audience (and help people like me) is to place QR Codes on packages and boxes of the material that they sell and ship.

These QR Codes could point to mobile websites and/or videos that provide step-by-step instructions and online videos that demonstrate how their items should be properly assembled.

QR Codes that Lead to Mobile Surveys and Forms

Social networks have made it easier than ever for people to tell the world if they are happy or not-so-happy with a company or product. Companies could seek to acquire that information directly as well by putting a QR Code on their packages that lead to mobile website surveys.

These surveys could seek to ask the most important questions that a customer may want to answer — “Are they satisfied? Do they need help? What could be done better?”.

This feedback could be provided why the company and its products are absolutely fresh in the customer’s mind… right through their mobile phone.

QR Codes that Make it Easy to Order Additional Materials

When someone needs to order a replacement part or to reorder an entire unit, companies would certainly want to make that an easy process.

This could be done by including a QR Code on packaging that leads to a mobile website. The website could either contain a Form that allows a user to request the item or a response from a sales rep; or it could even include an option for placing an order directly from the phone.

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  1. Cheri Allbritton (@ArveyColumbus) / Aug 17 2011 1:28 pm

    All great usage suggestions for manufacturers of put together stuff especially! But first we need to convince the smartphone design teams to include automatically a bar code reader without having to download an app!

    • jasonpinto / Aug 18 2011 6:15 pm

      Hi Cheri! Thank you very much for checking out this post and leaving a comment. I greatly appreciate it. I know what you mean — if the majority of smartphones did come pre-loaded with a QR Code scanning app, that would remove one obstacle that still exists in a lot of people’s minds. Maybe it’ll happen sooner than later… But either way, I am quite excited to have seen a massive increase of QR Codes in my mailbox, on posters, and on other printed materials over the past couple of months.

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