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August 19, 2011 / jasonpinto

Using LinkedIn to Gather Data

There is no doubt that I am a huge fan of the Dscoop association. (In fact, here are 6 of the reasons why I was absolutely giddy to attend their conference this year.)

They set a great example recently on how someone can use social networks to help others and themselves.

On the Dscoop LinkedIn User Group, the wonderful Tina Chang recently posted the following item:

Dscoop's Post on their LinkedIn Group -- Seeking Member Blogs

Yes, she easily could have posted the latest news or event information regarding what the Dscoop headquarters was up to. And often, that information is valuable!

But here, they did something that will not only help their members receive some promotion, but it will also help the people behind the scenes at Dscoop to increase the data in their member database.

How This Helps the Dscoop Members

There are a couple of reasons why I think Dscoop members should post links to their blog and eNewsletter here.

  • It can help to drive traffic to their website: There will absolutely be people who click on the links that are added here for various reasons. Maybe they want to be inspired by a fellow printer. Maybe they want to learn  more about another printer to investigate possible partnerships of some sorts. Either way, it should absolutely help to increase the eyeballs that are on that printer’s blog, website, and emails.
  • It can help to position them as an industry leader: Yes, many of the Dscoop members are friendly with each other. They participate in activities where they share ideas on how to grow  business. But regardless, competition still exists. By posting a link to an effective blog here, a  printer could create awareness of their company as a leader in the industry. This might lead to additional speaking opportunities, partnership requests, and other potential revenue-generating opportunities.

How This Helps the Dscoop Staff

Thanks to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and other social networks, there is so much data out on the web about us all. But how can companies and associations collect that data and then utilize it to better serve their customers and members?

Dscoop provided an excellent example of how to accomplish one of those steps.

If they’re able to store the Blog URL in the CRM system that they use to manage their members, their staff will be able to quickly learn more about that member on an ongoing basis. Perhaps they’ll be able to learn about their passions, their challenges, and the trends that excite them, based on what they write about.

That type of data would absolutely prove valuable as an association seeks to better serve each and every member.

Stealing a Lesson

Dscoop, you continue to amaze me. You’re an amazing organization, you put on tremendous events, and you just did one heck of a job of reminding a lot of people that social networks should really be a two-way street.

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