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August 25, 2011 / jasonpinto

Three Ways to Find Groups in LinkedIn

Are you looking to get more value out of LinkedIn?

If so, one of the best things to do is ensure that you are a member of Groups that are relevant to your industry and to your passions. And while it can also be very beneficial to actively participate in Groups, a rewarding first step could simply be joining the right Groups and then listening & learning.

But how do you find Groups that could help you out in business? Here are three suggestions:

The Search Feature

LinkedIn has a very helpful search feature to help you find Groups based on different criteria. Here is a screenshot from the main Search Results page.

LinkedIn: Searching for Groups

Along with being able to search for Groups based on the topics they cover, you can also filter based on the Group Type as well.

Look at What Groups Your Connections Are In

There are always people that seem to “do” social networking better than us. They seem to be more connected and thought of as leaders in our industry. Do you want to tap into the same knowledge sources as them? If so, check which Groups those people belong to in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: Which Groups are other people members of?

LinkedIn’s “Groups You May Like” Feature

LinkedIn also offers a helpful “Groups You May Like” feature.

I’ve only recently discovered this thanks to their blog, but it’s provided me with some great recommendations already.

The logic behind this feature tries to match features from your profile to key features in different Groups. From what I’ve seen so far, it does one heck of a job identifying Groups that may appeal to people.


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