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September 21, 2011 / jasonpinto

New Features from Instagram

One of my pictures via Instagram

As some of my Twitter friends (and others!)  know, I am a major fan of Instagram.

Not only does Instagram provide some great filters that enable you to greatly improve the pictures that you take with your smartphone, but to me, it’s also a social network. I turn to Instagram primarily to see what my colleagues, friends, family, and other acquaintances are up to. Of course, their story is being primarily told through pictures.

Over the past 9 months, Instagram has done a nice job of rolling out some small, but useful enhancements to their application.

But they really delivered one heck of a present to all of their fans (and soon-to-be fans!) this week. (Click here to read the official details from the Instagram website.)

Here are a few of my favorite features thanks to the latest App upgrade:

Live Filter Previews

Thanks to their filters, Instagram has the ability to make any user feel like their true-calling was that of a professional photographer.

However, it used to take a decent amount of time to actually figure out what your picture would like in Instagram’s various filters.

In the latest version of the App, there is a Live Filter Preview. Simply scroll through the available options to see how your picture will look in each option.

Optional Borders

Some of Instagram’s filters seem like they absolutely must come with a border!

However, to provide more flexibility to users, Instagram now allows you to turn a border on or off for their various filters.

More Filters!

I will continue to spend most of time using Instagram to see what my friends are up to. That will include browsing, liking, and commenting! But I also am striving to take and share more pictures on a regular basis. Instagram has provided greater incentive to do this by adding 4 more filters to their application.

Yes, users now have even more choices to show the world how great of a photographer they really are. 🙂


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