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September 30, 2011 / jasonpinto

Identifying and Causing Issues

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The Kern Organization recently released the results of a study that was designed to report on 2011 mid-year marketing trends.

While you may find that some of the results are less than surprising, I thought some of the trend feedback was important.

When asked about current trends, the two that ranked the highest in terms of importance were:

  • 90% say better integration of online and offline data collection and analytics is essential.
  • 84% indicate that aligning sales and marketing is important.

Yes, it’s obvious that marketers know that those are important items to solve. But is it possible that we as marketers also contribute to make those on-going issues?

The Sexiness of Doing it Now

When it comes to technology and marketing channels, marketers are (often wisely) early adopters. When we find success, we may push to implement further utilization of that solution in our business efforts. But sometimes we are so eager to hit “Go”  that we fail to analyze how to effectively integrate its capabilities with our other marketing efforts.

This may come in the form of buying multiple software solutions that do not talk to each other; thus, resulting in us having multiple databases that store variations of customer and prospect information.

Also, Without proper integration, we may start harming our company with inconsistent branding and messaging rather than helping it by being an early adopter.

Alignment with Sales

When it comes to sales & marketing alignment, we may find that we are constantly focused on and caught up in creating and launching our next campaign.

In that scenario, we may fail to devote the proper time to ensuring that the Sales staff understands what data and follow-up actions are available to them from current or previous campaigns.

Thus, we limit the potential success of the marketing campaigns that we are executing.

Finding the Fix

Yes, it’s one thing to take the time to respond to a survey and prove that we understand what our issues are and where our priorities should be. But in regards to actually putting in the work to focus on creating solutions, that does not happen easily.

Is the solution to slow down? Is the solution to create more strategy and planning documents?

Most likely, the proper solution might vary across different companies. But this much is true – to increase productivity and success, we must find a way to solve those items.

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