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June 13, 2012 / jasonpinto

Printed Tweets and QR Codes on your Coffee Cup

As social networking and mobile devices continue to change the worlds of communications, companies are wondering if print still has a role in the marketing mix.

This video does a great job of showing that the answer is “Yes”… especially when print can be integrated with other marketing channels.

The video demonstrates the creation of the “Headline News Cup Sleeve” for Gulf News. Before someone is handed cup of coffee from Tim Hortons, a printer pulls in a tweet from the Gulf News Twitter account. The tweet is printed on the sleeve along with a QR Code and a short URL that direct people to full story on the Gulf News website.

What I really love about this story is how they are using multiple channels to help achieve business objectives. Since they’ve started using the “Headline News Cup Sleeve”, they’ve seen the following success:

  • They’ve gained 2,900+ Twitter followers
  • Their website traffic is up 41%
  • And they have seen a 2.8% increase in subscriptions!

Congrats to Gulf News and Tim Hortons for launching this successful campaign… and for demonstrating how multi-channel marketing works best for achieving results!

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