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June 26, 2012 / jasonpinto

Aurasma in the Classroom

I am a big fan of mobile technologies… especially when they can be integrated with traditional forms of media such as print.

But I must admit that it’s taken me a little while to embrace the potential of augmented reality. However, I’ve recently had my “Oh. I get it. I really get it.” moment. It happened while I was doing research for and building John Foley, Jr.’s presentation for the MFSA Annual Conference. I started to find examples where I truly saw how augmented reality apps could make print come to life.

Since then, Google Alerts have kept the momentum going. I’m seeing more examples on a daily basis.

Here’s the most recent one — How the app Aurasma can be used in the classroom:

Aurasma in the classroom from mark herring on Vimeo.

The audio in the video is not amazing. But that’s not the point of the video — rather, seeing how the integration of mobile and print can make displays and assignments interactive is quite incredible!

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