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January 24, 2010 / jasonpinto

The Talented Ones

When it comes to friends and family, we are very willing to point out when someone demonstrates that they have a particular talent.

Perhaps someone takes remarkable photographs. Or another clearly dominates when a friendly sporting event breaks out. Or maybe someone else has written a short story that you truly were riveted by.

In those cases, we have no problem acknowledging the talent and then encouraging that person to pursue their talents further. 

How about the people that we work with?

Certainly, in today’s economy, many have taken on additional responsibilities. They are wearing hats from all different avenues of business. They may not be great at every job or task they’ve taken on, but they’re putting in the time and effort. 

However, there’s a good chance that they are really, really good at a specific activity or two. No matter how busy you are right now, never forget to acknowledge that talent. Find ways to encourage them to pursue those as much as possible. Sure, you may need them to learn how to do more than just what their natural talent allows them to do. But in the end, producing remarkable work will come from time, effort, and talent.


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